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Aerial UAV Drone Survey Division

Realize the exciting benefits of using drone surveying in your workflow! Our UAV is capable of capturing vast amounts of data in short time, with no site disturbance. The drone and UAV control station remain outside dangerous work environments where safety is premium, while delivering results superior to ground surveys. Detailed orthophotos and geoTIFF’s add value. Volume reports are delivered more quickly than ever before. Data is accurate to 3cm horizontal and 5cm vertical. Track construction progress and reduce site errors. Contact us now for a consultation.

About UAV Mapping

The eBeeRTK is able to accurately map to 3cm horizontally and 5cm vertically (read the white paper.) UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) mapping uses remote sensing, meaning that the end user does not have to set foot on the site, resulting in unmatched safety and convenience. Volumes and contours can be rapidly generated for client review. The drone is a useful tool for highway mapping, especially in regards to providing accurate, georeferenced imagery for accident reconstruction. The UAV is superior to terrestrial methods for industrial sites such as mines, quarries, and landfills, since the precise “terrain nap” is captured from above. Please contact us for a consultation or demonstration of our exciting UAV technology.

What can PLS’s UAV surveying and remote sensing technology do for you?

  • Provide highly detailed geoTIFF orthomosaics, free of distortion.
  • 3D terrain surface models with 3cm horizontal, 5cm vertical accuracy (read the white paper.)
  • Contour maps at one-foot intervals.
  • Elevation data is obtained in minutes without ever setting foot on site, resulting in unsurpassed safety over dangerous, steep, busy terrain or highways.
  • Photogrammetry flown lower, thus at higher resolution than from traditional aircraft.
  • Multiple stockpiles for volume calculations can be captured in minutes.
  • Ideal for landfills, mines, quarries, coal plants, and industrial sites.
  • Little or no interruption of site workflow.
  • Rapid and economical site assessment for planned development or environmental impact.
  • Agricultural health assessment.
  • Aerial still photos.
  • 3D fly-over videos of the DTM or DSM.
  • Construction progress monitoring.
  • Offer a unique, captivating marketing tool allowing buyers to view and assess raw land or real estate in a manner never before possible.

Professional Land Systems

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