UAV and Drone Surveying comes to Knoxville

Professional Land Systems is enthusiastically adopting UAV (drone) survey technology. We are the first surveying company in Tennessee to do so. We believe that drone data collection represents a huge part of the future of surveying. We chose the eBee RTK by SenseFly, a Parrot company, as our platform. Parrot is no stranger to drone technology, and they offer an integrated, user friendly solution that impressed us.

The eBee drone captures data that is then turned into a geoTIFF and point cloud containing millions (sometimes over a billion) data points. The cloud can be used to create DTM’s (digital terrain models,) DSM’s (digital surface models,) or TIN’s (triangulated irregular networks) and contours. Stockpile or borrow pit volumes can be generated in minutes. The geo-referenced orthomosaic can be imported into your CAD program of choice for heads-up digitizing.

The eBee mapping drone offers productivity that is nothing short of amazing. For example, a site containing multiple stockpiles can be captured in minutes, the data processed in the office and volume reports generated on the same day, with a level of detail greatly exceeding ground-based surveys, and much more safely. Landfills can be flown in minutes without needing personnel on site. Mud, dirt, and heavy equipment hazards are completely removed from the equation.

Large tracts of land can be rapidly evaluated for development, making a UAV survey a new and exciting part of the due diligence process.

In the immortal words of Donald Trump, this is HUGE! Our enthusiasm can hardly be contained. Contact us today to discuss how we can help integrate UAV surveying into your next project.

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  1. […] We at Professional Land Systems are excited and enthusiastic about being the first to bring true aerial drone surveying to East Tennessee. Why the distinction “true” aerial UAV surveys? We’ve found that there is some confusion about the meaning of aerial surveying. Some companies using a quadcopter they bought from Amazon to take photographs claim that they do aerial surveying. That is just not the case. Do they produce high resolution geoTIFF’s or orthomosaic photographs? No. 3D geo-referenced point clouds? No. Volume calculations and contouring? No. Do they even understand the meanings and implications of the aforementioned phrases? I seriously doubt it. The type of equipment we use if far more sophisticated than the typical hobbyist drone. But enough negativity. We are here to accentuate the positive potential of UAV aerial surveys. We chose the eBeeRTK by Sensefly for our platform. Please see our introductory post here. […]

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