Surveying Services

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Professional Land Systems, located in Knoxville, TN, provides accurate and timely due diligence for high-value real estate investments and development projects. Our ALTA surveys provide the following important information to title companies who often require this:

  • Easement Information
  • Any Encroachments across boundary lines of the property
  • Information about Public Access on the property
  • Zoning Information & Setback Requirements
  • Flood Zone Information
  • Indications that the property is being used by other parties
  • Water Boundaries
  • Cemeteries
  • Adjoining Property Owner Information


Professional Land Systems offers Layout and As-Built surveys for critical infrastructure.  This important survey will show the property in its current state whether this takes place during construction or when construction is completed.  This survey verifies that construction work follows the original design and meets government agency requirements. This survey can be customized to include any level of detail required by the client.

Shown in the image:  

Underground detention As-Built Survey for an ALDI store in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Measurements and photographs were taken on a daily basis and data provided to the project engineer for final design certification. This detention saves real estate by functioning under the parking lot.


PLS is able to take your raw land from subdivision concept to completion. Subdivision Platting involves map drawing and splitting a large piece of land into smaller parcels that can be sold off individually in a subdivision.  Our licensed and experience land surveyors will research any existing documents and complete a physical survey of the land so we can complete the subdivision plat.  This generally also includes setting aside part of the property to include parks, easements, or other public usage areas.  No matter what your subdivision platting needs are, Professional Land Services has the experience and knowledge to create a subdivision plat that is accurate and ensures compliance to all zoning regulations.


Realize the exciting benefits of using drone surveying in your workflow! UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) mapping uses remote sensing to capture enormous amounts of data. The technician never has to enter dangerous work environments, resulting in unmatched safety and convenience. Volume and contour reports are generated more efficiently and accurately than ever before. In fact, UAV mapping is superior to ground surveys, and data is is accurate to 3cm horizontal and 5cm vertical. Take advantage of the latest technology and reduce site errors – contact us for a consultation or demonstration of our exciting UAV technology!



PLS has extensive experience in utility easement surveys and right-of-way acquisition for major utility companies.


PLS offers professional surveys for owners and staking for contractors.

Residential Owner Surveys provide a lot of valuable information about your property including the following:  

  • Boundary Lines of Your Property
  • Any possible discrepancy between your boundary lines and an adjoining property
  • Easements & Right of Ways
  • Surface waters such as ponds, creeks, rivers or wells
  • Encroachments, Joint Driveways, Overhangs, etc
  • Existing Improvements
  • A variety of power lines, pipes, cables, and vaults
  • Cemeteries
  • Access Information
  • Zoning Classification

Our Construction Staking Services are valuable for a successful construction project.

Our construction staking services involve reviewing architectural plans and staking the correct location so construction contractors can build items such as electrical, bridges, fences and other important structures in the correct place.  We can offer a variety of construction staking services including both rough grade staking and site layout staking.

Shown In The Image:

Clubhouse in Bridgemore Subdivision, Farragut, Tennessee. PLS has assisted contractors with numerous foundation layouts and final surveys in this exclusive subdivision, including the club house shown. The complexity of modern homes, coupled with ever restrictive building setbacks, lot sizes, and easements require careful placement. Appropriate due diligence demands using a qualified surveyor for this task.