Please, For the Love of Humanity, Print this Email

Please, For the Love of Humanity, Print this Email

Please consider that trees are a renewable resource. When a tree is cut, more trees are planted. Disposition of private property is fundamental to all rights. ~30 percent of U.S. Land is owned by the federal government, with more falling every year. However, even the USE of that land which is still privately owned is heavily restricted in many ways. There is a current ongoing war against capitalism and private ownership. Refusing to print an email means giving in to anti-business and anti-human sentiment. Be part of the solution. Print this email, help create a job. After all, it’s your printer, your paper, your electricity, your ink, your computer… and, as a reasoning human being, you are guided by your own intelligence. — Ned D. Ferguson, Professional Surveyor

“There are rights which it is useless to surrender to the government and which governments have yet always been found to invade. These are the rights of thinking and publishing our thoughts by speaking or writing; the right of free commerce; the right to personal freedom” — Thomas Jefferson

I do care about responsible use of the environment. However, the environment was created to serve man, not man to serve the environment. Every breath taken, every morsel eaten, every scrap used for my benefit is no affront.

UPDATE 2/22/2012: It looks like I am not the only one who is tired of being chastised by the new enviro-religionists.

Please Print That Email

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