Automation got you down? Improvise, adapt & overcome!

Automation and/or new technology always seems to be putting someone out of a job – at least that has been a common complaint since the Luddites of England smashed the infernal machines which threatened their livelihoods. The reality is, however, that new technology does not make us poorer; it makes us richer – as is [...]

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NAPA Auto Parts, Clinton Hwy

PLS performed the base boundary, topographic survey, and resubdivision to facilitate design for NAPA Auto Parts at Clinton Highway & Inskip Road. New intersection signalization was required. The survey included all work necessary to redesign the intersection per TDOT specifications.

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Shannondale Retirement Center

PLS performed a boundary survey, topographic and as-built survey for design, and final as-built survey of completed construction for Shannondale Retirement Center, Knoxville, corner of Middlebrook Pike and Vanosdale Road. Our record plat from the courthouse is pictured.

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Capital Pointe Medical Center

PLS is currently providing construction layout for Capital Pointe Medical Center. "Capital Pointe Medical is the newest premier medical office condominium complex located off Kingston Pike and Pellissippi Parkway at Capital Drive..." Contractor: Creative Structures Architect: Studio Four Design Realtor: Oliver Smith

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Architectural Committees

Many modern real estate developments have established architectural committees which must approve new home designs. Topographic surveys are needed to facilitate site plans. Often, this includes identifying all existing trees' size and species for the maximal preservation of green space, and may even include the location of adjacent homes. This is the case at Tellico [...]

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PLS provided the foundation staking and contruction layout for Bridgemore Subdivision, lots 30, 106, 439R, 49, Bridgemore Club House and Pool, Parade of Homes house. Bridgemore is one of Knoxville's most exclusive communities. Learn more here. [album:]

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Miller Residence

PLS recently performed the foundation staking for the Miller Residence custom home, for Brookwood Construction. Location is Misty Valley Way, Knoxville. Elevation benchmarks were established by GPS to meet minimum floor elevation requirements. It is a large home with a complex design in a quiet setting. The first floor alone is 3,700 sq. ft., excluding [...]

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Alysha’s Vineyard Condominiums – Karns

We are currently working on Alysha's Vineyard, a 104-unit, gated condominium project on Emory Road in Karns. PLS designed the site, provided complete surveying, a concept plan and final plat for the project. We provide all construction staking necessary to complete the project. Alysha's Vineyard will probably take three more years to completely [...]

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FBI Building at Dowell Springs

PLS provided the base boundary survey, topographic survey, and survey coordinate and elevation control for the FBI Field Office at Dowell Springs in Knoxville. PLS also provided construction staking for the facility. Access to the site required FBI background checks for all employees.

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Grace Christian Academy

Currently providing construction staking services for expansion of Grace Christian Academy on Oak Ridge Highway in Karns. PLS also provided the original boundary survey, tied to the Tennessee State Plane coordinate system, and elevation control via GPS.

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