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National Home Prices Double Dip

Bank owned home sales comprise 34.5 percent of the market. Nationwide, home prices have fallen 11.5 percent in the past 9 months. The housing recession is completely government created, due to saturating the market with “sub-prime” mortgages. Now, big government [...]

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Housing Prices to Fall Further

"[T]he Case-Shiller Index showed prices dropped four times greater than expected: “The biggest year-over-year decline since December 2009,” according to the group. This caused many of those observers to confirm the worse than expected result."

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Preliminary Survey for T. Everette

Preliminary survey for Emory Road at Roberts Road. For client review (UPDATED). Please note that a health department inspection of the existing drainfield is necessary. Call the Knox County Health Department at 215-5200 to schedule an inspection. The preliminary survey [...]

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For various reasons Microsoft Access was getting to be a bit of a pain for our shared database management. The biggest reason is needing to have a licensed copy for each user. I began searching for other options. I first [...]

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Housing market dire

David Rosenberg has a series of charts illustrating the dire condition of the housing market. Our economy is very sick, despite propagandist media predilections to the contrary. I fear for the future of my business, my son, and my country. [...]

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