Australian Farmer starves self, demands property rights

Australian Farmer starves self, demands property rights

Day 52 – Peter Spencer Ends Hunger Strike

1/12/10, Peter’s announcement

I’m determined, determined to make these politicians answer to the people.”

Update: I have decided to make this post stick until Peter Spencer’s hunger strike is over. I figure if he is going to risk permanent organ damage and perhaps death to defend the property rights of his countrymen, it is the least I can do. Mr. Spencer is an inspiration. His story is destined to become the stuff of legend.

Farmer Peter Spencer’s hunger strike is about to break records as it enters 46th day.

Today marks Mr Spencer’s 46th day up a 12m wind tower with no food. His four children, who are all scheduled to fly back to their adopted US home Michigan, acknowledge that the fear he could die is growing by the minute.

Despite being encouraged by the dozens of people who attended a protest rally in Canberra on Monday, Mr Spencer’s weight has plummeted and his health continues to deteriorate.

The drama involves farming rights, land clearing restrictions, the Kyoto Treaty, and the issue of “carbon theft.” Mr. Spencer is prohibited from grazing 90% of his land! Are you kidding me? This kind of thing is exactly where eco-facism leads.

See below for parts one and two of the interview with Mr. Spencer where he explains the issues and what he hopes to accomplish.

New Video 1-6-10


Spencer mobilises nation of angry landholders Added 1-8-10

Hunger strike up a wind mast is an act of tragedies Added 1-8-10

The greatest threat of the 21st century: not AGW but Eco-Fascism Added 1-8-10

Video added 1-9-10, Does a good job of explaining the issues and potential future threats. The Australian constitution prohibits unjust land taking but this hardly matters to totalitarian bureaucrats.

Farm hunger striker Peter Spencer ‘shrinking away to nothing’ added 1-10-10

Friends will act before hunger-strike farmer goes too far Added 1-11-10

Added 1-12-10: “In April last year Mr Brady and his neighbours received maps of their area which showed large tracts of land on their properties that must be taken out of production to allow regrowth of natural vegetation.

“I have zebra stripes across my land telling me that I can’t use a quarter of my land,” he said.”

Then they came for the farmers, but I didn’t speak out — because I was not a farmer…

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