Architectural Committees

Many modern real estate developments have established architectural committees which must approve new home designs. Topographic surveys are needed to facilitate site plans. Often, this includes identifying all existing trees’ size and species for the maximal preservation of green space, and may even include the location of adjacent homes. This is the case at Tellico Village and Tennessee National, for example. The establishment of control committees has both pros and cons.

When you buy into a community association, right or wrong, you must understand that you have opted for community living. Decisions cannot be made unilaterally, nor can the rules and regulations of the association be ignored unilaterally…

You should read your association documents carefully to learn the scope and purpose of the architectural review committee. Indeed, you should have read this material before you decided to purchase into the community…

The area of architectural control is perhaps one of the most litigated issues involving community associations. [My emphasis]

We can help. PLS has experience with the stringent site plan requirements in these and similar communities.

Site Plan & Topo

Site Plan & Topo

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