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Land Surveyors Serving Greater Knoxville Since 1992

Professional Land Systems

205 Lamar Avenue
Clinton, Tennessee 37716
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The future is here!

We are the first and currently only* surveying company in Tennessee offering UAV-based remote sensing and data collection. Click here to learn more about this exciting QUANTUM LEAP in value, rapid information delivery, and productivity!

*November 2015

Knoxville Land Surveying Services

“When you need to know, knowing is our business.”

Accurate and timely due diligence for high-value real estate investments and development projects.

Shown: The Arnstein Building on Market Square, Knoxville, Tennessee.
Apartments, Barber McMurry Architects, and Urban Outfitters retail store.

Layout and as-built surveys for critical infrastructure.

Shown: Underground detention asbuilt for an ALDI store, Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Measurements and photographs were taken on a daily basis and data provided to the project engineer for final design certification. This detention saves real estate by functioning under the parking lot.

PLS is able to take your raw land from subdivision concept to completion.

Shown: Alysha’s Vineyard gated community, Knoxville, Tennessee.

PLS has extensive experience in utility easement surveys and right-of-way acquisition for major utility companies.

Shown: Telecom and Internet switching equipment at Bethany Springs, Knoxville, Tennessee.

Residential surveys for owners and staking for contractors.

Shown: Clubhouse in Bridgemore Subdivision, Farragut, Tennessee. PLS has assisted contractors with numerous foundation layouts and final surveys in this exclusive subdivision, including the club house shown. The complexity of modern homes, coupled with ever restrictive building setbacks, lot sizes, and easements require careful placement. Appropriate due diligence demands using a qualified surveyor for this task.

Our office is located in the historic Worthington residence in downtown Clinton, Tennessee, three blocks from the Anderson County Courthouse.

This historic home was built in 1930 from world famous Tennessee Crab Orchard stone and is an example of the Tudor style known as “English Cottage Revival.” The property was also owned by pearl magnate S.M. Hendrickson and was central to the renowned Tennessee fresh-water “pearl rush” on the Clinch River.

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